A Message from the Chairman
Welcome to the sixth annual Pete Hughes Memorial Championship.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of our small Federation over the past twelve months, without you, all of this would not be possible. A special thanks goes to the parents for your devotion and effort in bringing your children to regular training at our clubs, through rain or shine, you never cease to amaze me. By doing this you are teaching your child valuable life skills. Turning up regularly and working hard towards the next grade at karate training not only keeps your child strong, fit and healthy but also gives your children confidence, teaches them perseverance and also that reward is the fruit of labour.

I am honoured to be able to once again officiate at this championship, and celebrate not just great Karate, but true sportsmanship, fairness and spirit.

The Championship is to honour the memory of the late Sensei Pete Hughes, Chief Instructor Sakura Karate-do Caernarfon, and the founding Chairman of the WTKF who sadly passed away in 2009. For those who did not know Sensei Pete, he was a true example of a martial artist who had honour, integrity and was a true gentleman. He was a calming influence in hot debate, always one step ahead, and was an immovable spirit in Kumite. His true gift though, was in his teaching, where he developed truly amazing karate-ka over the many years at Sakura. Sensei Kawasoe (8th Dan Chief Instructor JKA Afroeurasia), and the senior instructors of the WTKF regarded him as a friend, pioneer and a driving force behind the Federation. His legacy lives in these young people of the WTKF, who are the future of traditional Karate in Wales.

We regard today’s championship as the highlight in our Karate calendar, where we are able to offer something back to our youngsters for their efforts, which is at no cost, but gaining in experience. Many things have taken place behind the scenes that many have no idea of, from gaining sponsorship, filling out forms, and even an on-line auction to ensure that once again, the day goes smoothly and successfully.

Please, enjoy the day.


Alun Mowll